In 1947, a young man, William H. Presley, Jr., “Bill,” returned home from military service with the US Army in Occupied Japan and began a land shaping and improvement business in North Augusta and Augusta. Early on, Bill worked two jobs – at the Post Office and at a service station in the evenings -- to make ends meet while he built his new business. In 1949, he walked away from a safe career at the Post Office to devote all his energy to land improvement and development. His family and friends, having suffered like so many others during the Great Depression, had misgivings about Bill’s decision to leave a guaranteed salary. Some of them questioned his decision, but they never doubted his determination or his ability. He started with very little–a few hand tools, a pickup truck, and eventually a small Ford tractor he bought used from a local farmer. Bill’s early landscaping work grew into a thriving construction and development business providing clearing, grading, shaping, site preparation, utilities, and paving. Today, Bill’s business includes Presley Realty and Live Oak Land Company — brokering and managing land and real estate investments in Augusta, North Augusta, Edgefield, and Aiken.

Presley Realty and Live Oak Land Company exist to meet our clients’ financial and personal goals such as buying land in North Augusta, Aiken, or Edgefield, land investment, improvement, conservation, development, and brokerage. We help our clients find their ideal property; then we work with them to preserve its special character while making it more valuable.

Joel Presley, Bill’s son, began in our business as a young boy, asking questions and helping when he could. Honesty, perseverance, and thrift are the foundation Bill laid and upon which Joel continues to build. At his father’s side, Joel learned to appreciate and care for land and the Augusta / North Augusta community. He also learned about leading a business and making wise decisions with future generations in mind. All these values are summarized in the timeless principle of “stewardship”. Several Biblical accounts describe what faithful stewards do–grow capital, improve value, care for others, take the long view. According to Scripture, good stewards pursue real success – the kind that lasts and touches all aspects of life – the kind that provides lasting peace, contentment, security. Like his father, Joel seeks to be a good steward and encourages his clients to do the same.