Our History


We have a long history of client service in real estate that starts with our founder, William H. Presley, Jr.


In 1947, William H. Presley, Jr., “Bill,” returned home from military service with the US Army in Occupied Japan and began a land shaping and improvement business in the Augusta area. Early on, Bill worked for the Postal Service and a service station to make ends meet while he built his new business. In 1949, he began to focus his energy on land improvement and development. His family and friends, having suffered like so many others during the Great Depression, had misgivings about Bill’s decision to leave a guaranteed salary. He started with very little–a few hand tools, a pickup truck, and eventually a small Ford tractor he bought used from a local farmer. Bill’s early landscaping work grew into a thriving construction and development business providing clearing, grading, shaping, site preparation, utilities, and paving. In the 1960’s the company began buying land and developing residential neighborhoods. Those real estate ventures grew into Presley Realty.  

Joel Presley, Bill’s son, began in our business as a young boy, asking questions and helping when he could. Joel continues to build upon the foundation laid by Bill: honesty, perseverance, and wisdom. Bill also instilled in Joel a respect and care for the land in the greater Augusta community. The Presley family is committed to wise stewardship with future generations in mind.


Presley exists to grow capital, improve value, care for others, with a long view toward the prosperity of the community. According to Scripture, good stewards pursue real success that provides lasting peace, contentment, security to all aspects of life.

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