Presley Realty

Presley Legacy

In 1947, William H. Presley, Jr., “Bill,” returned home from military service with the US Army and began a land shaping and improvement business in the Augusta area. He started with very little–a few hand tools, a pickup truck, and eventually a small Ford tractor he bought used from a local farmer. Bill’s commitment to wise stewardship and integrity grew his landscaping work into a thriving construction and development business providing clearing, grading, shaping, site preparation, utilities, and paving. In the 1960s the company began buying land and developing residential neighborhoods. Those real estate ventures grew into Presley Realty.


Even though Presley Realty was passed down to Bill’s son Joel, it continues to build upon the foundation laid by Bill: honesty, perseverance, wisdom and a respect and care for the land in the greater Augusta community. Presley exists to grow capital, improve value, care for others, with a long view toward the prosperity of the community. According to Scripture, good stewards pursue real success that provides lasting peace, contentment, security to all aspects of life.


Through decades of consulting and development expertise, Presley has developed a unique “Side by Side” approach. This means that we are, first and foremost, servants, walking lock-step with our clients through what might be one of the most crucial decisions of their lives. From open communication to maximum exposure, our approach ensures a clean and concise process through the entire transaction. Internally, we always work as a team, and consider our clients as valued members of The Presley Team, working together to leverage strengths, establishing relationships that last a lifetime.


Our Values




We’ve been around since 1949 with a history of doing things “the right way.” You can know that we will do what we say for you because we’ve done what we said we would for others.




We pride ourselves on our values and systems that ensure our team can diligently serve our clients. Through the use of time-tested marketing channels and good old-fashioned hard work, we work on your behalf to ensure maximum exposure of your property.




We conscientiously plan and execute on behalf of our clients the way we would want someone to serve us or our families. By doing this we add significant value to our clients, whether that’s through experienced advice given regarding property strategies, or our networking and marketing processes resulting in strong presentation of your property to qualified buyers.




We are intentionally mindful of our own capacity and choose to not take listings or refer them on to other agents if we feel we won’t be able to provide the thorough service required for serving our clients well. And, for our clients and properties, we are always mindful to professionally and thoughtfully represent you and work in your best interest.